Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer Breeze 1/2

My August race was on the 1st. I was running it for Dopey time and maybe a chance to improve my Wine & Dine time. The morning started out perfect it was overcast and 65. I had been having fuel problems for the last few weeks and my stomach was still having issues, but I thought I still could make my 2:44 goal.
I wore my new Training for Rebel challenge shirt with my R2D2 Sweaty Band. I got lots of great compliments on it and it was really comfortable to wear. I even carried my new Nathan SpeedDraw insulated water bottle (I have been using a non-insulated one for awhile now)
The first few miles were great. I know I went out too fast. I always do, but I caught myself pretty early and fell into my 45/30 intervals. I was doing great until about the 6 mile mark. It had really warmed up and I kept looking for the turn around. Thinking I'd see it any minute not in the actual half mile from where I was (I have trouble with math when running) I should have just kept going knowing I wouldn't get lost. Then the heat + my fueling issues really hit me. I had to walk a little bit after the turnaround and then settled into 30/30 intervals. My virtual pacer told me I was about 5 minutes behind my goal. I knew I could make that up and I was going a lot slower then I was the first half. So I reassessed my goal to 2:59. I wanted it to be under 3. I kept going the best I could. I stopped looking at my watch and just kept up with my intervals. I crossed the finish line at 2:53:51 9 minutes behind my first goal and 7 minutes ahead of my reevaluation goal. I didn't realize it at the time, but I set a new PR!!! Beating my old PR by 15 minutes. I was happy I had a time to submit for Dopey that I was happy with. I have another half before the cutoff, but it's also hit or miss on the heat. Now it's just some training runs and getting ready for Dumbo Double Dare and the 5k.
<3 Ann

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  1. You are awesome!!! So hard to just listen to intervals and not check on your time. way go to!