Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Plans

Let the marathon training and race season begin:
Week 1:
Disneyland!!! for #RunAllTheRaces
5k on Friday
10k on Saturday
1/2 on Sunday

Week 2:
Enjoy Disneyland
4 miles
15 miles

Week 3:
4 miles
4 miles
10 miles

Week 4:
4 miles
San Jose RnR 5k on Saturday
San Jose RnR 1/2 on Sunday (Hoping for a 2:44 for Dopey time)

Lots of races and my first over 13 mile run. I'm excited. Hoping for cooler weather as this summer has had some heat waves. My 5ks are all walks. The 5k distance isn't my favorite I feel it takes me that long to get into my groove during a race so I always try to find friends to walk them with.

<3 Ann

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