Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Goals

As I start July I officially start the training plan for Dopey. I honestly don't feel like I'm starting it. None of my runs feel like Dopey prep, but I suppose we have to start somewhere and I have so many races coming up that maybe it'll take a few month.

This month my monthly mileage goal is 55 miles. I have a 10k race this week back in my hometown of Atlanta. The great Peachtree Road Race. I'm so excited to be running it again.

I have 3 long runs on tap for the month 9 miles, 11 miles, and 7 miles. I have my regular short runs which are 3-4 miles each, but I'm horrible about going out for "just 3 miles" so it turns into 4-5 mile runs. I have 2 tentative B2B scheduled for some Dumbo weekend prep. I should also start working on some cross training something I've never been a fan of, but know it's useful with my mileage adding up.

<3 Ann

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